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Virus Defender

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Experts say the MOST COMMON WAY the VIRUS is thought to spread is by people touching surfaces which have been contaminated by an infected patient. This works by Somebody who has got the disease coughing or sneezing onto their hand, then touching a surface while they have the virus on their hands

The Virus can live on HARD SURFACES Which are touched by a lot of people for hours at a time. For this reason, things like door knobs and lift button, should be considered a DANGER ZONE, as well as Handrail on buses or trains. 

This Device is here to help during this outbreak:- 

  • Open the Front Cover and use it to Press the Lift Button. It comes with Disinfectant, so it will kill the Virus every time you use. 
  • Open the Side Cover and use it to Clip the Door Handle, so you don't have to direct contact with it. It comes with Disinfectant and will kill the virus every time you use