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Umbrella Rig

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Catch more fish in just one single rod with our Umbrella Rig! Lure simulating trying to escape, attracting fished predators to attack, great for fishing lovers.Flexible wire arms to which other lures can be attached to simulate a school of bait fish and increase chances of getting more fishes!FEATURES:

   Catch more fishes in just 1 single rod.
   Say no more to any struggle if fishing.
   Stimulates a school of bait fishes.
   Increase your chances of getting more fishes!
   Attach your favorite lure.
   Create nice move to attract fish.

   Weight: 18g.
   Colors: Yellow, brown-red, green, dark-blue, spotted-blue.
   Type: Artificial Bait.
   Type: Fishing Group Lure.

   1x Umbrella Rig