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Quoridor Board Game

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Have a lot of fun with your new abstract strategy game!

VERY FUN: Spend some quality time with your friends and family! Have fun and learn to think strategically!

SIMPLE RULES: Reach your opponent's side of the board. Move your pawn or place the wall! Develop your logic with your new board game!

GREAT FOR MENTAL HEALTH: Stimulate your brain and your memory! Educate yourself and enjoy in foundational abstract game!

ATTRACTIVE DISPLAY: Put it on your coffee table, on a desk or shelf and make it your newest attractive display piece! 

The game can play two or four people. Each player has a pawn. That pawn begins its journey at the center space of one edge of the board (in a two-player game, the pawns begin opposite of each other). Your goal is to get to your opponent's side of the board before he gets to yours!

The main characteristic of the Quoridor game is its twenty walls. Walls are flat two-space-wide pieces which can be placed in the groove that runs between the spaces. Walls block the path of all pawns, and the pawns have to go around them. 

The walls are divided equally among the players at the start of the game, and once placed, can't be moved or removed. Once a player has his turn he can either move a pawn or place a wall! The pawns should be moved to the next space (not diagonally). If the other pawn is on your way, just jump over it

Enjoy your free time and have a lot of fun with your friends and family! Play your new board game and develop your strategy! Advance your memory and stimulate your brain! Think quickly and win!


Learn to think quickly and strategically with the Quoridor game! Get yours today!