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Multifunctional Paint Roller PRO Kit

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Get a New Outfit for Your Wall

Nobody likes it when their home looks old and tired because the walls are damaged, dirty and the colors outdated. Now you can decorate your home easily and safely or create beautiful memories in it when you get yourself this Multifunctional Paint Roller PRO Kit!

It gets your job done quickly with its spill-proof design that ensures no dripping or mess. This delivers exceptional value for your money by giving everything you need to achieve a professional look on all surfaces.


  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Long preparation time, drop sheets, and tape masking is not required so you can just pour and paint directly to revitalise any wall or surface in just a few minutes
  • EASY TO USE: With a smart design, even your kids can help give a professional paint job to nearly any surface
  • SAFETY FIRST: With the extended part of rod, it is not necessary to climb on stairs which might cause accidents
  • WORK ON ANY SURFACE: Allow you to have fun painting walls, decks, ceilings, and cover a great area faster and more evenly, giving a flawless finish on any surface, rough or smooth

  • Designed to reduce paint wastage, drips, and splatters
  • Ideal for small touch-ups or for painting difficult areas, it is suitable for both professional and domestic use
  • Cleaning is a breeze with just the use of running water

How to Use:

  • Open the roller cap and pour in the chosen paint
  • Ensure that the cap is tightly closed
  • Test the roller on a newspaper to ensure even paint distribution
  • Apply to desired surface 


  • Materials: PP, sponge + flocking, and steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Roller Size: 6.3in x 3.95in x 8.3in
  • Flocked Edger Size: 2.8in x 3.95in x 11.8in
  • Resting Tray Size: 8.66in long
  • Corner Pad Size: 8in long
  • Extension Handle: 10in long 

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Paint Bucket
  • 1 X Resting Tray
  • 1 X Paint Roller
  • 1 X Wheel Brush
  • 1 X Corner Pad
  • 3 X Extended Rods (Optional)