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Home Pro DIY Air Purifier

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Air Ozonizer Air Purifier For Home Deodorizer Ozone Ionizer Generator 220v For Sterilization Germicidal Filter Disinfection Clean Room

Features: In addition to smoke and dust in addition to formaldehyde sterilization oxygenase

Technical parameter

Product name: Air Fresher and Deodoriser

Voltage inpute: 100-240V/50-60HZ

Rated wattage: 7W

Ozone output: 200mg/h

Ozone working period: 0-30 minutes

Adjustable suto cycle working period: 1-12 hours

Dimension: 22* 10.5* 5cm

How it works: Ozone

Suitable for: home

The machine features 24-hour timer cycle work, a switch to solve all the troubles.

Product Features:

Kitchen in addition to taste

Toilet deodorant

Bedroom air purifier

Kill bacteria and viruses

Remove refrigerator odor

Product Features:

1, Oxygen deodorant, environmental protection, clean, no secondary pollution. Applying the principles of natural lightning discharges: This product air as raw material, high-frequency high-voltage discharge rapid manufacturing ozone.
2, ozone working time freely set 10-30 minutes for large and small spaces.
3, the cycle time is set to work freely 1-12 hours, for a variety of different environments.
4, easy to use, can be configured to automatically work for a long time.
5, the switch automatically cycle, without manual operation, low power consumption 3.8W.
6, LED time indicator, clear and intuitive.
7, user-friendly design, intelligent control, in line with modern machine science.
8, can be directly hung on the wall to save space, nice.
9, the product and packaging are compact, elegant, suitable for home and hotel environment and gifts to use.

Product Functions:

1, anti-bacterial sterilization, effective suppression kill more than 90% of the air mold, E. coli and other harmful bacteria;
2, get rid of the smoke, dust, odor removal, you can generate a lot of negative oxygen ions optimized air, clean indoor air;
3, using the principle of nature lightning discharges to the air as raw material, high frequency high voltage discharge to produce reactive oxygen species, increase the amount of oxygen inhalation body, while discharging the excess carbon dioxide;
4, improve cardiac function, lung function, reduce fatigue, promote metabolism, relieve dizziness symptoms, keep a clear head;
5, broad-spectrum efficient reduction of ozone into oxygen essential, no secondary pollution, mostly from the general air freshener deodorant, fungicides and aromatic composition, although no too toxic, but no benefits to the human body;
6, all intelligent control system, more in line with modern scientific machines, more efficient, more cost-efficient. Applying the principles of nature lightning discharges to air as raw materials, high-frequency high-voltage discharge preparation ozone.