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Foldable Pooper Scooper


Non more searching for poop bags or having to handle that dog poo.

dog poop pick up


The dog poop pick up tool is designed for easy, one-handed pooper scooper that pick-ups on all surfaces types. The dog poop scooper is very compact and can be clipped onto your dog lead or your retractable dog leash. Made of plastic with a wide, comfortable grip you can squeeze the handles on the top and this opens the storage area and you can either reach over the top of the dog poop and let it close with the spring tension or scap several lumps together then collect them all at once. Makes cleanup quick easy and sanitary. Pick up waste easily with the one-handed scooper with a foldable store area can be pulled out for more storage area. Lightweight and environmental make it Convenient and easy to store. Healthy and convenient for pet cleaning. With a handle the dog poop scooper also comes with a metal clip for either hanging it on your jeans belt hoop. The pooper scooper can be purchased with the proper bag and these foldup and has a storage area in the dog poop pick up device.

When you have pickup some poop you can tie the ends of the bag together and that seals to poop in the pooper scooper and when you come to a dog poop bin you just open the pooper scooper and the bag falls out and all is done.

pooper scooper