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Freedome Space Hammock Swing All-inclusive Hammock Yoga Hammock

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      Above all else, swings are fun! Like all the swings in our range these Freedom Swings are fantastic for gross motor development and vestibular input,  they encourage children to socialize and interact, and they’re an excellent way to help all children explore their comfort zones. Made from a polyester-Lycra blend they provide an environment that encourages activity and movement, but also offers a place where children can retreat and relax.

      A swing is a very meaningful item for a child's childhood. It can become a source of joy for children, a place for children to think, and precious childhood memory.

      The swing can be used indoors as well as outside but like other fabric hammock style products should be kept out of the weather. Installation examples may include an eye bolt or chains from an exposed or structural beam, or a current swing set with the ability to hold the maximum weight of the swing.

      In all cases the swing should have approximately 1m of space from all walls and obstructions and sit high enough off the ground that it doesn’t touch when in use. Freedom swings are also machine washable on a cold setting.

        Load-bearing Age
      S 35kg Kids (3-8) 90*200
      M 70kg
      Teens (9-15) 100*280
      L 100kg Adults (16+) 150*280
      XL 200kg For High-weight people (16+) 160*280

      Tip: children can also use L size, its comfort will be even better



      - Soft 2-Way Stretch Nylon

      Each package includes:

      – 1 x fabric freedom swing
      – 2 x ropes and 1 x carabiner-style shackle
      – 1 x setup and installation instructions
      *Warning: Kids under 8 years old should use it under parental supervision.

      *You need to prepare a stable support point. As connection requirements vary, the swing includes ropes and a carabiner style shackle but does not include any hooks or other hardware required to hang the swing from your chosen spot. We recommend visiting your local hardware store for the fixings that are appropriate for your situation.

      We recommend using size above M8 for support rings on the ceiling or stand.